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History of International Women’s Day

First I’ll understand history of International Women’s Day. If you want to know about Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2024, then you can checkout the table of content.

When did International Women’s Day start?

International Women’s Day dates back to the early 20th century. And International Women’s Day (IWD) has a long and rich history. It originated as a day of protest and activism by working-class women fighting for equal pay and women’s suffrage.

In memory of the garment workers’ strike in New York City, National Women’s Day is celebrated in the United States on February 28, 1909. German activist Clara Zetkin introduced the notion of International Women’s Day in 1910 at the International Socialist Women’s Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark. And the resolution to establish an annual International Women’s Day to advance women’s rights and the cause of universal suffrage was overwhelmingly approved by the conference attendees.

Women's Day celebration ideas 2023

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 19, 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, and more than one million women and men participated in rallies and demonstrations to demand the right of women to hold public office. Russian women celebrated the first International Women’s Day in 1913. which later became the official date of IWD in the Soviet Union.

International Women’s Day served as a platform for women’s peace action during World War I, and in 1917 Russian women went on strike demanding “food and peace“. His protest contributed to the start of the Russian Revolution. After the Soviet Union declared it a national holiday in 1918, International Women’s Day became a symbol of socialist feminism and women’s liberation. Thereafter it gained popularity in other socialist countries.

Why is International Women’s Day important?

And then later in 1975, March 8 was declared by the United Nations as the official day of International Women’s Day. And since then, International Women’s Day has evolved into a day dedicated to celebrating the victories, progress, and challenges faced by women around the world. It is a day to celebrate the achievements that women have made for society, to advance gender equality, and to raise public awareness of the difficulties that women still face around the world.

Women's Day celebration ideas 2023

Today these days International Women’s Day is celebrated in many different ways ranging from rallies, marches, conferences and cultural events. It’s a time to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness of the ongoing struggle for gender equality, and renew our commitment to building a just world.

How to celebrate International Women’s Day at work?

  • Organize a panel discussion or a guest speaker event on workplace women’s challenges.
  • Establish a mentorship or sponsorship guide to help women in positions of leadership.
  • Host a fundraiser for a women’s charity or organization.
  • Begin a book club or film screening series focused on women’s experiences and accomplishments.
  • Decorate the workplace with symbols and messages that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2024

  • Host a panel discussion
  • Mentorship program
  • Professional development workshops
  • Donation drive
  • Celebrate diversity

Let’s understand one by one :

Host a panel discussion

On March 8, we observe International Women’s Day to celebrate the accomplishments of women everywhere and to acknowledge the continued challenges women confront in achieving equality and empowerment.

The following are some major advantages of holding a panel discussion or keynote speech on International Women’s Day.

  • Encourages diversity of thought and perspective.
  • Provides a platform for sharing information and resources
  • Inspires and motivates women
  • Raises awareness and promotes advocacy

When planning a keynote speech or panel discussion, it is important to choose a topic that will be engaging for your audience and be sure to allow enough time for audience questions and discussion.

Mentorship program

This program may run for a day, a week, or a month, and may include regular meetings or check-ins to discuss career goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Mentorship are an effective way to promote professional development, relationships, and workplace diversity and inclusion. Organizations can help to create a more supportive and empowering work environment for all employees, as well as promote the success and advancement of women in particular, by providing opportunities for mentoring and coaching.

Professional development workshops

Organizing a series of professional development workshops would be beneficial in helping women employees acquire knowledge and skills. These workshops can cover various topics, including conversation and communication.

Donation drive

Organize a fundraising drive to benefit a women’s organization. This could include collecting clothing, cosmetics or money for food banks or women’s health organizations.

Celebrate diversity

Celebrate the diversity of women by hosting an event that is inclusive of women from across cultures and backgrounds. These can include a fashion show, and dance performances that highlight the diverse cultural backgrounds of your employees.

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Conclusion on Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2024

We have many fun and engaging ways to celebrate International Women’s Day. By organizing events and activities that celebrate women’s achievements and contributions, individuals can help raise awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve true gender equality.

FAQ For Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2024

  1. What is International Women’s Day?
    People around the world observe International Women’s Day, an annual global holiday celebrated on March 8, to honor women’s achievements in the social, economic, cultural, and political realms.
  2. When did International Women’s Day start?
    The United States initiated International Women’s Day in 1909, and the United Nations officially recognized it in 1975.
  3. Why is International Women’s Day important?
    International Women’s Day highlights the ongoing struggle for gender equality and celebrates women’s achievements in various areas.
  4. Is International Women’s Day a public holiday?
    Most countries do not observe International Women’s Day as a public holiday, though certain companies and organizations may give their staff the day off.
  5. Can men participate in International Women’s Day?
    Yes, men can participate in International Women’s Day by supporting women’s rights.
  6. How can I actively participate in International Women’s Day?
    Attending events, volunteering, donating to groups that help women’s rights, and sharing information about women’s issues on social media are all ways to participate in International Women’s Day.
  7. What is the theme for International Women’s Day 2024?
    DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comment box.

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