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Hello friends, I’ll talk about, is there any real money earning games in India 2022. in today’s blog, we will tell you such online earning apps which you can earn 1000 in a day, but you have to read this blog from beginning to end. Straight talk without wasting much time. Online money making games are now becoming popular all over the world. There are many options to choose from but we are going to tell you such apps from which you can really earn money.

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Top 5 Real money earning games in India 2022

  1. Winzo
  2. Paytm First Games
  3. My11Circle
  4. Gamezy
  5. LudoKing

I will talk abut above these apps, How to earn ₹ 1000 Per day.


Real money earning games in India 2022

WinZO is the go-to app for Indian gamers seeking a diverse collection of exciting games and a chance to win cash prizes. From classic Cricket to fun Fruit Samurai, the app offers over 70 different titles for all sorts of players.

With WinZO we can earn money by playing various types of games such as daily quizzes, fantasy sports and other features like a refer-and-earn program. Where users can earn money by inviting their friends to join the app.

How to earn money with Winzo app and what are the guideline?

Here are some tips to earn real cash games app in India (Winzo).

  1. You choose such a game in which you enjoy playing.
  2. With consistent repetition of practice, one can boost their abilities and make success more probable.
  3. Take care of your money while playing and do not exceed your budget.
  4. And remember that you are playing for fun so that you can earn some money.
WinZO app Guideline
  • Whatever you have created your own username and password, keep it safe.
  • Using one of the accepted payment methods, add money to your wallet while keeping tabs on your spending.
  • When you play any game, play it at a level that will interest you in playing the game.
  • Before playing the game, check whether any app update has come, if it has come, then update it first so that you can get new updates.

Earn by Spin the wheel

Users can spin a wheel on WinZO to win cash rewards by using the spin the wheel feature. You must have a particular quantity of coins in order to use this feature, which may be acquired by participating in platform games. You can spin the wheel multiple times and win cash prizes every time you do.

Quick Facts
Launched dateJanuary 2018.
Referral Money ₹ 37
Active users10,00,00,000+
Pros & Cons
Winzo has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.Winzo, like any other online gaming platform, can be addictive.
Winzo offers a variety of games such as trivia, action, sports, arcade, and more.To participate in the games on Winzo, users have to pay an entry fee.
My Opinion & Conclusion

I would like to tell you that WinZO app can be a fun and entertaining way to earn money, and the fear of losing your money remains. Hence one should use the app responsibly and within their means.

Paytm First Games

Real money earning games in India 2022

As you know that Paytm First Games is a gaming platform from which many users are earning money by using it. Paytm First Games offers action, sports, puzzles, card games and many more types of games to play. Users can participate in tournaments, daily contests and challenges to win cash prizes and rewards. And you can take advantage of many other services including shopping, travel booking and bill payment.

Quick Facts
Lunched Date October 4th, 2022
Referral Money₹12516
Total downloads1,00,000+
Pros & Cons
Paytm First Games gives users the opportunity to play many types of games and by calling them, users enjoy the game along with the money.The risk of scams is always there, whereas Paytm First Games provides a secure platform for gaming. You should be careful with that.
Users can easily deposit and withdraw money through this app. And you can also win prizes by playing game.I would like to tell you that like many gaming platforms, Paytm First Games is prone to addiction.
Users can win real money prizes by participating in tournaments and competitions. And with which you can also do part time job.This app has limited its availability for users in other countries. Whereas in India you can use it completely.

In the conclusion, As you must be aware by now, Paytm First Games is an online gaming platform that offers a wide range of games and real money prizes to users across India. The app provides gaming enthusiasts a convenient and secure way to play games and win prizes.


Real money earning games in India 2022

Who does not know about My11Circle. If you do not know then you will know now. My11Circle is an online gaming platform. In which you can create your own virtual cricket team and participate in cricket matches.

You can participate in daily fantasy cricket contests in My11Circle. And when you create your team, you can win cash prizes based on your team’s performance. This app provides various types of contests. In which you can participate in free competitions and can participate in any competition based on your budget.

Quick Facts
Lunched Date1st February 2019
Referral Money₹ 551
Total downloads5 Million +
Pros & Cons
User-Friendly InterfaceLimited Availability
Secure and ConvenientDependence on External Factors
Real-Time Match UpdatesRisk of Fraud

Now you must have come to know in My11Circle. The app also provides an opportunity to participate in competitions for other sports like football and kabaddi and My11Circle provides a fun and engaging gaming experience for cricket and sports enthusiasts in India.


Real money earning games in India 2022

As I told you about the above 3 apps, this app is also an online gaming platform. Which offers a variety of sports and skill-based games and one of the best features of this app is the quick cash facility. From which the users who earn Rs. They can take their Paytm wallet directly and the platform also provides users with a variety of payment options for depositing and withdrawing money.

Quick Facts
Lunched DateJune 2017
Referral Money ₹12516
Total Downloads 1 Million+
Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
Wide range of gamesFraudulent activities
Bonuses and rewardsAddiction

If we talk about its conclusion then it is a popular and well rated gaming app and it provides fun and exciting gaming experience. Rather it is advised to use such functions responsibly and play judiciously while indulging in online gaming activities.

Finally Ill talk about last app.

Ludo King

I believe it is the easiest because its user interface is very simple. It is made by Gametian Technologies Private Limited. The more I praise it, the more work it is. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Quick Facts
Lunched Date20 February 2016
Referral Money₹ 25
Total Downloads 500M+

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Ludo King is a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch with your beloved ones by engaging in an online multiplayer mode.In-game advertisements can be an unwelcome nuisance for Ludo King players, causing disruptive pauses during gameplay.
Thanks to its mobile device availability, Ludo King is a great game to enjoy anytime, anywhere.Despite Ludo King’s free availability for download, there are numerous in-app purchases that can add up to an expensive total over time.


Ludo King has got quite a bit of popularity among players of all ages thanks to its customizable options and straightforward gameplay. People can connect with their loved ones while playing an enjoyable game thanks to its online multiplayer mode.


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