List of Social Media Share Links for Facebook, Instagram, and More

With the help of this extensive list of social media share links, you can make it simple for your audience to share your information. We’ll provide a wide collection of social media share links for numerous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We will also provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to add these share links to your blog or website. You’ll know exactly how to use social media share links to market your content and expand your following by the end of this post.


Social networking is become an integral aspect of our everyday lives in the digital era. With social media being used by billions of people worldwide, it has become a vital tool for people and businesses to engage with their audience and build brand awareness. A quick and simple method to make your material more visible on social media is to include share links.

Readers may share your material on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more by using social media share links. You can easily reach a larger audience, boost engagement, and improve traffic to your website by including these share links on your blog or website. This will allow your visitors to share your material with their networks easily.

Furthermore, to remain relevant and connect with your audience in the age of social media, you must maintain a presence across multiple platforms. You can broaden your audience and improve your social media presence by including social media share links on your website. It is an affordable approach to build your audience and market your brand.

List of Social Media Share Links/URLs

Here is the link of social media share links and URLs:


Facebook Social Media Share Link:[URL]

X Social Media:

X Social Media Share Link:[URL]&text=[TEXT]&via=[USERNAME]


LinkedIn social share media links/URLs:[URL]


Pinterest social media share link/URL:[URL]&media=[IMAGE]&description=[DESCRIPTION]


Reddit social media share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]


Tumblr social media share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]&caption=[DESCRIPTION]


WhatApp social media share link/URL:[TEXT]+[URL]


Telegram social media share link/URL:[URL]&text=[TEXT]


Pocket social share link/URL:[URL]


Mix social share link/URL:[URL]&description=[DESCRIPTION]


Flipboard social share link/URL:[TITLE]&url=[URL]

VKontakte (VK):

VKontakte social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]&description=[DESCRIPTION]


XING social media share link/URL:;url=[URL];title=[TITLE]


Weibo social media share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]&pic=[IMAGE]


Line social share link/URL:[URL]&text=[TEXT]


Digg social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]


StumbleUpon social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]


Delicious social share link/URL:[PROVIDER]&noui&jump=close&url=[URL]&title=[TITLE]


Diggo social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]


WordPress social share link/URL:[post-url]&t=[post-title]&s=[post-desc]&i=[post-img]


LiveJournal social share link/URL:[TITLE]&event=[URL]


Email social share link/URL:



Evernote social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]


Skype social share link/URL:[URL]&source=button&text=[TEXT]


Viber social share link/URL:



Pocketcasts social share link/URL:[URL]


Castro social share link/URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]

Google Meet:

Google Meet social share link/URL:[URL]


WeChat social share link/URL:[URL]

Note: For the content you wish to share, replace [URL], [TEXT], [IMAGE], [DESCRIPTION], and [TITLE] with the appropriate values. Additionally, bear in mind that social media sites occasionally change the share URLs they provide, so it’s a good idea to consult their official documentation to ensure you have the most recent details.

How to Add Social Media Share Links to Your Website

It’s simple to include social media share links on your website or blog. To get started, take these actions:

  • Select the social media channels you wish to use.
  • Choose a button or icon for sharing a link on social media.
  • Put the sharing link code on your blog or website.
  • To make sure the share links are functioning properly, test them.

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Conclusion For List of Social Media Share Links

Increasing your reach and engagement on multiple social media platforms can be achieved easily and effectively by including social media share links on your website or blog. You can reach a wider audience and increase website traffic by giving your readers a simple way to share your content. We hope you found our step-by-step guide and list of social media share links useful. Put these share links into practice right now to observe the results for yourself!

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