What is Instagram’s Threads Application? Answers of Users

There are two many Twitter alternatives have found an audience which willing try out a text based social network. Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill and T2 are some of the example of social media platforms people are trying out. Recently Meta has fall into the game with a big launch with tied to Instagram. So here in this blog post we will let you know What is Instagram’s Threads Application?

What is Threads Application? How to Create an Account?

Threads is Meta’s text-based Twitter rival. it is tied with your personal or business account, so you can create an account by logging in using your Instagram account.

How is it difference from Twitter?

Thread currently available on android and as well as on iOS in more than 100 countries. This application is not available in the EU because of some privacy concerns like we have to logging through our Instagram handle and you will be able to follow all friends that you follow. You can also able to import your username, name, and settings like block list.

Within hours of launch, Threads has crossed the 10 million signups within 24 hours, it passed 30 million signups.

What are the limitations of posting on Threads?

Currently user can post 500 characters in a single post on the application. Thread post supports images, videos, GIFs. A Thread post supports up to 10 media items.

Can you use Threads on the WEB?

Yes, you can view Thread posts and profiles on the web but you can’t log in through your own account and make posts.

How do you delete your Threads account?

You can only deactivate your Threads account, but to delete the account completely, you must delete your Instagram account, according to the “Supplemental Privacy Policy” of Meta. After users complained is “looking into a way to delete your Threads account”.

Does Threads have “Following” Timeline?

At the present, Threads doesn’t provide any timeline that show posts only from account that shows posts only from account that you follow. Home pages is mix of posts from account you follow and other folks.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri responded to a user by saying, “We do score posts lightly and offer recommendations (posts from accounts you don’t follow) in the feed, which is particularly crucial for a new app until people follow enough accounts.

Can you DM people on Threads?

Users of the app cannot be messaged via the app. The objective, according to Mosseri, is to “not build yet another inbox and instead let people send threads to other apps.”

Is Threads part of the Fediverse?

At launch, the distributed social network feature is not supported by Meta’s new app. Therefore, you are unable to enter or exit the server. However, according to Mosseri, ActivityPub support is on the way.

“We’re dedicated to including ActivityPub support into this app, the protocol that powers Mastodon. Due to a variety of issues that arise with a decentralised network, we were unable to complete it in time for launch, but it will be available soon,” he added.

“If you’re wondering why this matters, here’s why: you might eventually leave Threads or, ideally, avoid being de-platformed. You ought to be able to move your audience to a different server if that ever occurs. Being honest can help with that.

Some Features that are currently missing from Threads?

  • A “Following” feed
  • Hashtags
  • A way to see your own liked posts
  • Support for GIFs
  • Inline translation
  • Full web version support
  • Editing posts
  • Support for user-generated Alt image text

What are Threads Data Collection practices?

Because you’re logging into Threads with an Instagram account, Meta claims that “it is part of your Instagram account.” Given the privacy labels indicated on the App Store, users have already expressed concerns about the app’s data collecting.

So in this post you know about What is Instagram’s Threads Application? Answers of Users. If you have any more FAQ please let us know in the comment box.

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