Earn ₹ 500 | How to Earn Money from Telegram 2023

First of all, Welcome to CoreBiginner. If you wan to know about How to earn money from telegram then you can checkout the table of content so that you can get all these things easily. Today I’ll discuss 4 best way to earn money with Telegram. first I’ll discuss about history of Telegram and their features,

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History Of Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app founded in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Pavel Durov had already founded the popular Russian social networking site VKontakte (VK) before creating Telegram.

I would like to tell you that Telegram Telegram was initially created for a messaging platform. Which will protect users’ privacy and data from government surveillance and other forms of unauthorized access, the app quickly gained popularity among privacy-conscious users across the globe.

One of the main features that set Telegram apart from other messaging apps was its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the sender and intended recipient can read messages. And when you send messages, photos and videos to anyone on this app, you want that you can send all these messages, photos and videos by taking the time you want and this feature also gives user privacy protection and then after a certain time After that it goes away on its own.

How to earn money from telegram

And day by day this app continues to bring new features and give its users new features and it has more than 500 million active users across the world.

4 best way to earn money with Telegram

  • By Affiliate Marketing
  • By Selling Ads
  • By Paid Subscription
  • By Selling Products

let’s understand one by one how to earn money from telegram

By Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is a medium through which you can earn money by giving a link to any product. You must be thinking that what is a product link, let me tell you in simple language, if you buy any item on Amazon, then you will get as much as only have to pay Rs. Suppose you have to buy a product for someone else and you want to earn money from it, then you join the Amazon Affiliate Program and you create your custom link and buy from that link, then you get a commission and this is called Affiliate Marketing.

I hope you guys have understood in affiliate marketing.

question will arise how to do with telegram ? I’ll tell you.
Now you have understood that affiliate marketing is done, so now I will tell you how to do affiliate marketing with Telegram. Let me tell you in simple language, you have to create your Telegram channel and there you have to bring the audience so that you can earn commission from it by giving your link.

By Selling Ads

You can earn money by selling ads by bringing ads on your website, blog, social media platform or any other platform.

There are a few ways to earn money with a telegram. let me talk about it.

  • Determine your niche
  • Build an audience
  • Set your prices
  • Create an advertising kit
  • Reach out to potential advertisers

If you want to know about the above points then you can leave a comment. I’ll try to create a post for that.

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By Paid Subscription

If you want to make money from paid subscriptions, then you have to create a product that people are willing to pay for. This can be in the form of online courses, personal coaching or counseling services, or membership in a community or forum.

To do all this, you have to establish a clear value proposition that you can attract customers to. Promoting the benefits of membership is important and this can be done through advertising, referrals and testimonials. form there you can share the subscription on telegram.

How to earn money from telegram

By Selling Products

Selling products can be a lucrative way to earn money. there are some steps to earn money with telegram. let’s understand.

  • Choose a product – You choose a product whose demand is high. and which can be produced or obtained at a reasonable cost
  • Set up an online store : You can set up your own online store on Amazon Shopify and Etsy or you can create a website of your own.
  • Create product listings: Tells about your products well, write their specialties well.
  • Promote your products: You can use social media, email marketing and other advertising channels to reach your product to the audience.
  • Fulfill orders: Once you receive any order form the customer, please make sure to fulfill it promptly and provide excellent customer service. They will also happy.

Pros & Cons

More than 500 million people use Telegram.There is no pre built payment method available in Telegram.
On Telegram, creating a channel is simple.Possibility of fraud and scams on telegram
You can earn money with Telegram through various methods.Telegram doesn’t provide best analytics tools for monitoring engagement.


I would like to tell you that you should be aware of the risks of Telegram scams and fraudulent activities and create a private channel to protect your viewers. I hope you will get an idea how to earn money with telegram.


  1. How to earn money from telegram bot?
    There are several ways to earn money with telegram bot.
    1. By Subscription-based Services
    2. By Affiliate marketing
    3. By Advertising
    4. By In-app purchases
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  2. how to earn money from telegram by uploading movies
    There is no way to earn money with uploading video on telegram.
  3. how to earn money from telegram channel
    There are some methods to earn money with telegram channel. I have explained in the post.
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  4. Can I earn real money with telegram?
    Yes, It depend the various fectors, if you wan to know then chekout the blog post.
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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comment box.

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