What is Threads ? instagram's twitter alternative to launch july 6

Meta on wednesday officially launched its Twitter competitor   Threads is new app from parent company of facebook instagram and whatsapp.

What is Threads ?

Threads is already off to a strong start: the app received 30 million sign-up as of thursday morning including a large number of brands celebrities journalists and many other prominent accounts 

Company said messages posted to threads will have a 500-character limit.Threads accounts can also be listed as public or private. verified instagram accounts are automatically verified on Threads.


The vision for Threads is to create an option and friendly public space for coversation .


Meta CEO mark Zuckerberg said in a Threads post following the launch. "we hope to take what instagram does best and create a new experience around text, ideas, and discussing what's on your mind.

Users sign up through their instagram accounts and keep the same username, password and account name, although they can edit their bio to be unique to threads. Its not quite so easy to leave threads."your threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your instagram account."

How do you sign up? ( and can you leave?)

Threads is available in 100 countries and more than 30 languages via Apple's iOS and Android , according to the meta.

Where is Threads available?

Could Threads be the "Twitter killer"

Could Threads be the "Twitter killer" ?

Threads looks a lot like twitter , with a feed of largely text - based posts - although users can also post photos and videos where people can have real-time conversation.

How Threads is  Different From Twitter : Explained In 10 Points