How Threads is  Different From Twitter : Explained In 10 Points >>>

1) Meta has confirmed that Threads will give users a 500-character count limit. on the other hand, unverified twitter users have a maximum of 280 characters and a verified instagram account can keep their blue badge on threads. meta has so far not provided any such option

2) Threads will require users to have an instagram account . when creating a profile, when creating a profile , the app will give an option to import bio information and followers from an existing instagram profile.

3) On Threads, users will be able to post videos that are five minutes long on twitter, those without the conveted blue badge can post two minutes 20 second long videos.

4) Twitter's homepage allows users to view what's trending and others topics they may be interested in. for now, the only way to explore whats on threads is by scrolling thhrough the home feed.

5) As of wednesday's launch. Threads did not appear to have an option to save draft of posts. That feature is already present in twitter.

6) The threading experience is also different. according to screenshots of the two apps circulating online ,a user has to hit enter three times to start a threads. on twitter it can be done by clicking on the plus button.

7) The new product has also not given an option to view other profile's likes, according to the screenshots, the way twitter offers it as a separate tab. 

8) Threads will have the same content rules as instagram , with the same controls for muting and blocking harassing accounts

9) Vice President of product at Meta connor Hayes, said one of the selling pointes for Threads is that it "people who build following on Threads eventually will be able to use the app to interact with a wider community beyong instagram.

10) Finally, Threads has launched without ads. According to bloomberg, this has been done to get as many people excited about the product as possible

What is Threads ? instagram's twitter alternative to launch july 6 and how to use.